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What are training times?

For 2020, training times are as below:







Where are games played?

Our home games are located at Five Dock Park, Five Dock and Birchgrove Oval, Leichhardt. Junior away games are held around the Inner West.








What days/times are games played?

All games are played on Sundays, bar some final dates for Seniors only. Home grounds are listed above. You will be updated by your coach on where away games are held for the season.


What rules do you follow?

All teams for 6-15years follow the NRL SafePlay Code. This is to promote safety, game awareness and skill building in children. More information can be found here and on the NRL website.

What is the required uniform?

Registration includes your team uniform, including jersey, shorts, socks and headgear for Juniors. There are options to buy additional Five Dock gear, such as jerseys and training shirts. We do recommend that stud boots are worn.

Is rugby league safe for kids?

As with all sports, there is no 100% guarantee that your child will not be injured when playing Rugby League. However, at Five Dock we pride ourselves on adhering to the NRL SafePlay Code (see above). Our coaches work hard to teach players skills, such as running, catching and tackling so that they can enjoy the game they love in a safe way. Our kids love emulating their idols when they take to the field!

Can girls play?

Yes! Girls are able to play until U12s! After this, games are no longer modified.

Any more questions? Head to Play Rugby League for more information!

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